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Working Smart not harder. 
Patience and Understanding.Moving at Its finest! 

 Moving Advice

As we all know moving can be a nightmare. The worst case is your movers showing up late unprepared or even you waking up unprepared. Being unprepared can mean the job just takes longer than planned for which either its money, time, or being unsure if the job gets done. Headaches can arise. The goal is the is to be fast and efficient stress free.


1. Parking situation for truck!

2. Thoroughly packed & closed boxes!

3. If its over four feet tall 3 feet wide empty it & be mindful of weight!

4. Declutter/purge!

5. Paper fill, cloth fill, & paper wrap kitchenware! DON'T OVERFILL!!

6. Symbolize boxes and rooms for new home navigation!

7. Get early start on packing, moving, & get rest!

8. Be aware of what can't go on a work truck such as gas, paint, guns ect..

9. Address any changes that occur prior or during move asap! 

10. move small items & disassemble yourself to save time/Money!


"Everyday we wake with new opportunity. The goal to to strive for a better day. Take advantage of every mistake to learn from. When there's a will there's a way. never give up.“

Dontay Alvarez

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